Tuesday, March 28, 2023

2023 03 25 Ops Session, W&A RR North Branch

 This past Saturday we held an operations session on my friend, Thom Radice's Western & Atlantic (north branch) HO scale railroad. Here are a few images from that session. There are more images on Thom's blog & I strongly recommend you go over there for his latest posts.

In the background is Thom (back to camera) giving the orientation to the session. You can see Ed, Dan, Rob and just a smidge of Andy listening to Thom while Paul & Bill are examining their assignment sheets & NCE throttle.

Above are the 3 crews. Ed & Dan on the left, Rob & Andy in the center, Bill & the top of Paul's head on the right. Thom is contemplating the snack & beverage tray.

Conductor Andy examines the assignment sheet to prepare his crew to make up their train in the Chattanooga yard.

Ed and Dan figuring out their train movements in Atlanta. The roof of the car shed is visible in the lower lefthand corner, and the rolling mill is just in front of Ed and Dan.

Dan & Ed focusing on their train movements in Atlanta.

Bill (left) and Paul (right) working their train through the wye at Kingston Station. You should have seen the look of annoyance Paul gave the photographer for interrupting their workflow just before this image was captured.

Ed and Dan behind the sawmill just South of Altoona Pass.
Thom, Rob, & Rob's plus-one, Uncle Nearest. I must say, Uncle Ernest turned out to be a great friend to all attendees.

Rob (left) and Andy (right) switching the Chattanooga yard.

Engineer Ed looks very happy that he is NOT the one who has to couple and uncouple cars in Big Shanty. Is Dan smiling or is that a grimace on his face?

That is mini-DC on the left and mini-Thom on the right at our small cabin just South of Altoona Pass. I have no idea who that shady character is on the right, probably a shirker trying to avoid work at the sawmill just across the tracks. (No, Thom & I are not selling moonshine out of our shack.) 

Thom & I had the opportunity to have scans made of ourselves at the Great Scale Train Show, Timonium, MD. Bernard owns & operates Miniprints out of Canada. These are 2 HO scale prints Bernard produced from the scans we had done at Timonium. Figure painting is by Thom Radice. You can find out more about Bernard's fine products and his upcoming show schedule by visiting him at www.miniprints.com. Please tell him DC Cebula sent you.

I love this lighting effect and eagerly anticipate the addition of a couple of figures between the two lights. This is one of the views looking into the Chattanooga car shed.